Triple Cream Disc
NASFT winner “Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product”, 1st Place World Championship Cheese Contest, 1st place ACS winner, NASFT finalist “Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product”. This is our World Champion, a special, buttery cheese with a white edible rind.
Our first ever raw milk aged goat cheese. (Approx. 6oz)
Goat Milk Ricotta Cheese
Our all natural Artisan Goat Milk Ricotta. Approximately 8 ounces.
Reduced Fat Fresh Goat Cheese
Enjoy our classic reduced fat fresh goat cheese where ever you are.
Green Peppercorn Cone
Aged only for a few weeks-just long enough to develop their creamy flavor.
Hudson Valley Truffle
Aged for 4 weeks, once this edible delicate bloomy rind is sliced into, your senses get an instant feel of what is to come. The intense earthy aroma from the Italian black truffle pieces fills the air, while your eyes have the pleasure of feasting on a soft and creamy delicious interior. (Approx. 4oz)
Reduced Fat Stick
Multiple 1st place ACS winner, 1st Place ACS winner “Low Fat”, NASFT winner “Outstanding Healthy & Nutritious Product”. Soft, spreadable and full of flavor. An excellent low fat alternative.
Yo-Goat Plain
Our delicious, drinkable goat's milk plain yogurt.
Goat's Milk Yogurt
Our delicious goat's milk yogurt. Made with active yogurt cultures.